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Unlike many other defense attorneys I am NOT a former Assistant District Attorney nor a former police officer. I don't judge our clients, I just defend them.  In fact, I came to the practice of law as a second career. Prior to becoming an attorney I spent 20 years as a business executive, eventually running a large subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company. While those years in private business were challenging and rewarding, there came time that I wanted to do something different and more directly related to assisting other people. So, I left the business world, went to law school, passed the New York State bar exam and became a practicing attorney. You can read my full bio here and meet our staff here.


If you'd like to read what some of past clients have thought of our work, you can read about it here.

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162 Main Street, Goshen, NY 10924
Phone: 845-294-0585
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In trouble with the law?  Traffic ticket, DWI or any criminal offense, we're here to help and to defend your rights. 
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Cell Phone? Click here to Call Us: 845-294-0585
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Dedicated To Our Clients
Most people have had little contact with the police and the justice system. The system is confusing and scary. The consequences of a DWI arrest or even a traffic ticket can be devastating. At Magnell Law we're dedicated to providing professional, effective and affordable legal defense.
About Magnell Law
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Protecting Your CDL & Your Job
If you have a CDL and drive for a living or if you drive for a trucking company, the consequences of a simple traffic ticket can be devastating. CDL drivers also face a whole multitude of other violations in New York State's Transportation Law (TL), including criminal offenses like Log Book Violations.
Recent Traffic & DWI Case Results
Magnell Law handles DWI, criminal and traffic cases throughout most of NYS. You can review some recent examples of the results we were able to achieve for our clients. In each case we discussed realistic objectives with our clients and worked diligently to achieve them.
What Our Clients Think of Us
We are very proud of our work for our clients and the results we've been able to achieve for them. Many of our clients have taken the time to review our work and post those reviews on public websites. You can read those reviews here and see what our past clients think of us.
Commercial Drivers
Case Histories
Client Reviews
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Frequently Asked Traffic Questions
A simple speeding ticket shouldn't cause a great deal of angst. But, given the impact it can have on your pocketbook, driver's license and auto insurance its worth taking the time to fully understand what your options are and how a qualified attorney can help you minimize the impact of a ticket.
Frequently Asked DWI Questions
Traffic Ticket FAQ's
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Protect Your Driver's License
New York State DWI Info
More than 90,000 DWI related arrests are made in New York State every year. They can happen to almost anyone and can result in serious fines, dramatically increased insurance rates, loss of driving privileges, a permanent criminal record and even jail or prison sentences...
Non-DWI Vehicle Crimes
In New York State moving violations arn't the only vehicle related charges that a driver can face. There are a variety of other offenses that are classified as either "misdemeanors" or "felonies" and can cost you a great deal of money and potentially result in being sentenced to jail or prison, if you are found guilty...
Ticket Fines & DMV Points in NYS
The total cost of a traffic ticket, DWI conviction or other vehicular criminal offense can add up to thousands of dollars in fines, surcharges, DMV penalties and insurance increases. Too often its only "after the fact" that you learn the full impact of a conviction...
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NY Traffic Violations
DWI & DUI In New York
NY Vehicle Crimes
Traffic fines & Points
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Detailed Profiles & Court Info
There are more than 200 different courts located between NYC and Albany. Most of these are local town and village courts that handle traffic and misdemeanor criminal cases. Each court has its own character and rules of operation. Detailed information about each court is available for each county.
Hudson Valley Courts
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Innocent Unless Proven Guilty
The terrifying experience of being arrested or questioned by the police can happen to anyone. You may think it can't happen to you. But, the truth is that virtually anyone can end up being arrested and charged with a crime in a court of law. If it happens to you do you know your rights?
Know Your Rights
Many people think that a traffic ticket isn't a real problem. You send in a guilty plea, pay a fine and it's over with. If only that were the case! The truth is that the guilty plea and fine are often only the tip of the iceberg. Only later do drivers realize that a traffic ticket can cost thousands of dollars and even mean loss of your driver's license...
New York DWI law is complex and involves both potential criminal punishment and administrative actions by NYS DMV against your driver's license. Many changes to the law in the past three years have made the consequences of DWI even worse. If you've been arrested for DWI you can learn about the consequences and how your case will proceed.